Love nourishes us and forms a vital part of our lives, and when we find the person that complements our path, we have really hit the jackpot. But love is not only finding that person, it is also feeding that union each day. As well, for people who have not yet found love to fill their heart or who are suffering from losing the person they love, my advice is to not stop feeding your life force, and do not close the doors to love. The famous poem says:

“ Do not give up, there’s still time to achieve and start again, accept your shadows, bury your fears, release the ballast, resume the flight.”

Mario Benedetti

With Feng Shui you can regenerate your space, unblock your energy, and open up to the energy of Love. The main points to look out for this 2015 are Star 4 in the Northwest for 2015 with direction based in the Southwest.


It must be clear, free and clean. In Feng Shui, parts of the house have a specific meaning and the bedroom is Love. In order for your bedroom to have the main things to generate such love in your life, you must look at have at least the following:

Symbol of the dragon and phoenix attracts harmony and happiness to couples who are already engaged or married. The union of yin and yang that this symbol represents gives people without partners the indirect desire to find a stable and lasting partner.

Mandarin ducks represent eternal love and loyalty, and attract love with great positive force.
Couples pictures: In your bedroom, always use decorations that are in pairs, never choose pictures that reflect solitude or ones where symbols of three appear to prevent intrusions into your relationship.


Perfumes, aromatic oils, and incense are ideal methods for generating a sweet and romantic environment. Sandalwood, rose, lavender, jasmine, cinnamon. Candles of course provide warmth and romance in your house.

RED IN 2021

To avoid fights with your partner or negative energies towards you, place red ornaments in the center of your home. If you want to attract love into your life, a red light in the southwest of your home or your room activates and moves the life force that is needed to light that little flame of hope. This 2021, walk hand in hand with your soulmate.