Feng Shui is a Traditional Chinese art. Its energy is Universal and has no frontiers. I have always been curious of how these ancient civilizations related to energy and with my experience and anxiety to learn, I went to Egypt this passed March. As soon as we arrived we were immediately taken to the Cairo Museum. The Museum gives you a general idea of the majestic of this culture. My mission was to find the similarities of Egypt’s civilizations with the traditions of Feng Shui. Every Temple had symbols of protection. The first one that got my attention was a symbol of the sun with two snakes that had wings. This symbol is in each Temple for protection and doesn’t let any negative energy enter the Temple. In regards with Feng Shui the Chinese tradition uses a Bagua, which is in a form of an octagon with a mirror in the middle. It is placed at the entrance of your door of your business or home. Its purpose is for protection. This was the first symbol that was related to my research connecting the two cultures.

Every Culture has it’s own good luck charm (symbol) and I searched for the most popular one. Egypt’s most popular good luck charm is called The Scarabs (black beetle) and today it is used as good luck amulet. It symbolizes new life and resurrection. One of the Temples has a very large monument of the Scarab. It’s believed that if you walk around it 7 times you will have good luck for the rest of your life. While you are walking around it 7 times you must think about a specific wish that you have and the wish will come true. In the streets of Egypt you will find many children selling arts and crafts and lots of them also try to get close to the tourist in hopes that the tourist will give them a small foreign gift. They are looking for candy and pencils and in return they will give you a Scarab. In the Chinese tradition at the start of the New Year it is good to give a red envelope with money to children. It symbolizes Prosperity for the start of the New Year.
Between the symbols of love that caught my attention, was the lotus flower. In Egypt this symbol represents an essence of love. In China the most traditional symbol that represents love is known as the “Pioni”. It is used mostly when woman are single and in search of love. If you happen to be searching for love yourself, it is highly recommended that you place a painting of this flower in your home.

Of course the most powerful symbol in Egypt is the majestic pyramids. If you practice healing therapy, or you enjoy studying different cultures you must not keep yourself from visiting this magical country. The power of this pyramid will change your life completely. Feeling the fantastic effort and work that is done in this pyramid, you cannot put into words. It is something real, that physically you can feel the vibration and energetic force that fills you. This power is said to make your appearance a much younger and livelier one. If you wish to travel in search of filling yourself with this divine energy, but cannot, then in Feng Shui we recommend to have a pyramid in your house or business area. Place this south and luck will be activated.

Another meaningful symbol that we usually see in the Egyptian temple is the Eye of Horus, they use this for protection. It is now used in jewelry, especially in gold in silver, to protect you from envy. And for kids, in case they are being looked at with an evil eye, it is best for them to wear this charm. In Feng Shui the color red is usually used for protection.

The animals in Feng Shui in antique civilizations were used as symbols of protection and good luck. The one that caught my eye was the figure of the cat “Bastet”. This was usually utilized to attract fertility, and also to generate new opportunities in your life. In the Chinese cultures the cat is also a symbol of good luck.

You will most likely see it with its palm raised. You should place it close to a window or register to attract money or prosperity.

Like this we can enumerate many symbols of these antique civilizations that they
use to attract good luck health and power. Each culture has a representation of
these types of energies, that are from beliefs that share similar good luck symbols. Here are forces of good luck that we can now use and apply in our daily lives.

Maria Elena Nuñez
Feng Shui Consultant
[email protected]