The principle of five elements is important to the concept of Feng Shui. They work in certain ways in accordance with the rotation of the Productive and Destructive Cycles. All five of the elements correspond with a certain color. Some of the elements will use more than one color. The best way to utilize these elements is to open your space to more happiness.

Here are the five elements and their corresponding colors:


Represents and provides energy for health and vitality; it also represents abundance and is considered a cure for wealth and prosperity. This element resides in the East and Southeast areas of your space. The Wood Element is also good for use in the South. The Wood Element colors are brown and green.


Represents high energy and passion; it provides energy to things that are career related. It will also provide assistance to have you recognized in your achievements. This element resides in the South, Northeast and Southwest areas of your space. The Fire Element colors are Red, Orange, Purple, Pink and Strong Yellow.


Represents easiness, abundance and freshness; it also represents calm and purity. Water represents abundance and is considered a cure for Feng Shui. It can be used in the North, East and Southeast areas of your space. The Water Element colors are blue and black.


Represents being stable and nourishment; it also represents protection for your relationships. It can be used in the Northeast, Southeast and Center areas of your space. The Earth Element colors are beige and yellow.


Represents being precise and clear; it also represents exactness and being efficient. You can live with clarity and light. It can be used in the West, North and Northwest areas of your space. The Metal Element is ideal for your home or business. The Metal Element colors are white and gray.

The Productive and Destructive cycles control the five elements of Feng Shui. Wood is part of the Productive Cycle that is produced by the Element Water. The Cycle continues with the creation of Fire, Earth, Metal and last but not least, Water, in that order. The Cycle does not stop and complement each other. They also maintain a positive flow with one another.

Even though it’s on the opposite end, the Destructive Cycle has just as much prominence as the Productive Cycle. Anything that is negative or contributes to decay is removed. This makes way for things that are positive and will help in the Feng Shui process.

With this Cycle, Wood is responsible for separating Earth. Earth in turn, soaks up Water; Water douses out Fire; Fire melts Metal; and Metal cuts up Wood. This too, is another cycle that goes around in circles and doesn’t stop.

You will need to use different colors for each direction:

  • East and Southeast – Dominant green
  • South – Dominant red
  • Southwest – Dominant yellow
  • West and Northwest – Dominant white or metallic

With the directions and color schemes, alternate colors can be used for the basic ones. Blue and black can be used for the East and Southeast. Anything in the red family can be used for the Southwest and Northwest.

Anything in the yellow, beige and brown family along with any combinations can be used for the West and Northwest. White is the color used in the North because Metal creates Water. In the South, green can be used because Wood creates Fire.

The colors don’t have to stand by themselves. They can be supplemented or combined with others to create powerful statements. With Feng Shui, you must keep balance and harmony. These attributes are needed in order to keep the flow of Chi in a positive format.

Yang energy comes from the Element of Fire. It is represented by the color red. Other things that help to provide more energy are candles and lights. If you want more intimacy as far as being close is concerned, Earth energy would be needed. Things that contribute to earth energy can help your marriage in a positive way. They can also help you in different relationships.

You can use things like crystals and ceramics, things made from earthenware to enhance this. Since Metal is created by Earth, Metal can take advantage of the benefits. Metal is also one of the Yang Elements that happens to have a positive effect. Metal is also responsible for creating Water. This can help with the Chi flow.

With Water being a part of the Chi flow, the flow doesn’t stop. Water helps to have Chi flowing in different areas of life. With Feng Shui, flowing water is considered to be quiet and relaxing. You can use it to implement energy in your home.

If you are looking to advance or start your career, water can be used for that purpose. It also represents wealth and prosperity. A good thing to implement for this would be an aquarium or a water fountain. This can have positive vibes in certain areas of your home. One place that water is not recommended for is the bedroom.

The Wood Element also connects with your home and garden. You can place wooden objects in certain areas in order to obtain more wealth. They can be placed near plants and flowers. Another thing that can increase wealth is installing a wooden bench in the area of your garden that is designated for Wealth.